Friday, February 24, 2017

The Justin Liberal Party is Nervous

The Liberal Party is Nervous....  as liberals broken promises keep adding up and the next budget in March is a TAX and Spend Budget./...

Justin wants to know.....a liberal  "Inquisition"

Quiz-ing  all its supporters on their knowledge of the Conservative leadership contenders ....

In order to better target liberals and identify the Conservative contender better suited to gather liberal voters dis satisfied with his mismanagement ...

here is the liberal Qizzzz

The 2017 Conservative Party Leadership Quiz

Justin Trudeau’s positive plan for a stronger middle class is making real progress for Canadian families, but the Conservative Party has made it clear they want to roll back everything we’ve accomplished together.

The candidates to lead the Conservative Party are proving to be increasingly out of touch with Canadians -- and their race has inspired us to work even harder to support Justin Trudeau's positive plan for real change.

Let’s take stock of what Conservative leadership candidates are saying on important issues facing our country -- with the They Said What?! Quiz.
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                 Conservative Party Canada Leadership Quiz -EN

  • 1. On growing Canada’s middle class, and reducing child poverty:

    The Liberal team has implemented the new Canada Child Benefit, targeted toward those who need it most – low and middle-income families. It will lift almost 300,000 children out of poverty.

  • 2. On the CBC/Radio-Canada

    After years of multi-million dollar budget cuts under Stephen Harper’s Conservative government, the Liberal government reinvested $150 million/year for five years in the CBC/Radio-Canada.
    Several Conservative leadership candidates including Andrew Scheer, Kellie Leitch, Brad Trost have proposed their own plans for the CBC/Radio-Canada.

  • 3. On ending discrimination based on gender:

    Jody Wilson-Raybould introduced Bill C-16 in 2016, which would add gender identity and gender expression to the Canadian Human Rights Act -- joining religion, ethnicity, age and sexual orientation among the list of prohibited grounds for discrimination.

  • 4. On welcoming new Canadians:

    Justin Trudeau recently tweeted:

  • 5. On LGBTQ2 Rights:

    The Liberal Party of Canada is proud to have a strong record of fighting for LGBQT2 rights and equality, including working to pass Canada’s groundbreaking equal marriage bill in 2005.

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