Thursday, December 15, 2016

Astounding counter indication Year end review filed #BabyTrudeau

Polls reveal that Trudeau's support has been steadily eroding as it has dropped from 68% to 56% to 52% to 48% and now, 42%.

 One poll conducted in November revealed that 63% of Canadians feel that Trudeau is not doing a good job as prime minister.

I question whether or not, Trudeau currently has 42% support

given that 93% of Canadians are opposed to changing the way we vote without a referendum,

 85% were against increasing the annual deficit beyond 10 billion,

 83% were against having dual citizens guilty of terrorism keep their citizenship,

75% want a stronger screening process for immigrants from the Middle East,

73% were against pulling our jets out of Syria,

70% were against bringing in more than 25,000 Syrian refugees,

67% want immigrants screened for anti-Canadian values and only

 13% feel we need more immigrants.

If we then factor in the Castro fiasco, it comes as no surprise that people were booing Trudeau so loudly at Toronto's Grey Cup game that Trudeau couldn't even be heard.


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