Saturday, November 7, 2015

Justin Trudeau joyfully mobbed by federal civil servants

Bloggers Note: Wonderful complicity -Media Party- blends well with new government ....seem to be prepared for a 4 year honey moon .. too bad Rona Ambrose will spoil the fun once in the House ..and maybe before ...Now I would like to bring attention to a Liberal oversight...when 5 junior ministers (minister of state) we used to call without portfolio (or without spending envelop of their own) become full minister this make the minister of foreign affairs..vulnerable and ineffective and open to be bossed around (bullied) by a minister with a stronger personality..Minister Dion just lost quite a few feathers my opinion and will make the position much more difficult to get things done. I stand to be corrected. Barry James McLoughlin what do you think?

Things have transformed. Just two days after Justin Trudeau's cabinet was sworn in, it's become a different world for a political reporter. And the civil service is behaving differently too.


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